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This page provides visual ideas and free templates for personal use. Every person learns differently, so what works for one person, may not work for another. Always seek professional advice from education professionals before making any changes and to know what works best.


Weekdays and Weekends

Free templates in English, Spanish and Italian

Now and Next Boards

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Emotions Activities

Draw/Find the Other Half


  • You can draw around a circle for the faces then draw on the different expressions.
  • Next, cover half of one side.
  • Encourage the person to draw on the other side of what the emotion looks like. It can be easier for some autistic people to mirror symmetry.
  • Label the emotions so that the person can relate the image to the word.

Another method is to make the activity more interactive by duplicating a copy of the image. Then use Velcro so that the person can physically place the other half of the image onto the page.

Play-Doh Faces


A fun way to help someone understand emotions is to make faces out of Play-Doh or putty.

Traffic Light Wheel

1st wheel

Make One at Home:

  • On a piece of white card, draw out a circle and section it into a third.
  • Draw a happy face, a neutral face, and a sad face.
  • Colour in the sections: happy = green. ok = yellow. sad = red.
  • Laminate then cut out the circle.
  • Draw an arrow, laminate and cut it out. (You can use card as an alternative).
  • Use a split fastener. Push it through the arrow and through the middle of the circle.

Or you can print one off here. Colour in the sections, cut out the wheel and arrow and then use a split fastener to push through the arrow and centre of the circle: Traffic Light Wheel.jpg

Emotions Snap


Make One at Home:

  • Draw out some facial expressions twice.
  • Label the emotions.
  • Laminate. (An alternative option is to use card if you have no laminating pouches).
  • Cut out the emotions into square shapes.
  • Mix the cards up and play emotions snap.

Print off a template:

To add more visual appeal, you can colour in the faces:


Emotions Thermometer

  • Draw a thermometer and colour in the sections.
  • Label the sections with emotions. Remember to have the calm emotions at the bottom and the more extreme emotions towards the top.
  • Draw circles and fill in the facial expressions.
  • Glue down the thermometer onto paper. Label the emotions 1-5 at the side.
  • Cut out some Velcro and place under the numbers.
  • Cut out a small image of the person and velcro. An alternative is to use a general cartoon image from online.
  • Encourage the person to place their image next to the emotion of how they are feeling at the time.

The 8th Sense: Interoception

Body Mapping

When my son has a sensation, he does not necessarily link this to pain or feeling unwell. You can use a traffic light colour coding system to highlight the areas of your body that feel different. This is a great way to start off the process of linking that different feeling of being unwell.

Visual Support for Interoception

body map3

For those who cannot recognize that sensation of needing to go to the toilet, you can incorporate this task as part of a bedtime routine.

body map4

At sports time at school, you can create a small visual card to show an image of a drink next to the activity. This gives a visual prompt to drink water while playing sports.

Shuttleworth Checklist

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Alphabet Activity


  • Print off the alphabet activity template
  • Laminate the sheets: another option is to print on card (your choice of colour.)
  • Cut out the letters
  • Apply Velcro onto the back of the letters and onto the grey boxes on the second sheet
  • Place the letters onto the grey squares, leaving a few empty squares.
  • Now you can play fill in the missing alphabet sequence


  • You can also mix up the letters and encourage the person playing to sequence the letters in the correct order.

Alphabet Activity Template:

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All About Me Templates

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Visual Support Audio Transcript


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