My Day At The Autism Show

My partner and I attended The Autism Show in London, on Friday 14th June. We decided to go on Friday rather than the Saturday as I knew that the train journey would have been a bit overwhelming for my son.

Goosebumps Science with Gummy Bears

My son is a big fan of Goosebumps; so much so that he watches a Goosebumps film at least once a week. In the special features part of the Goosebumps 2 DVD, there are a few science experiments, explained by Slappy and demonstrated by the actors in the movie.

Completing Tasks

When my son is busy focusing on a task or going out somewhere, and then we have to move onto another thing, he finds this transition difficult. If he feels like he hasn't completed a task, this will bother him and play on his mind for the rest of the day.

May Half Term

As my son was bonding with his dad, my partner and I attended the Celebration of Disability Sports Activities at Riverside Square in Bedford. The sun was beaming, and it was a lovely day to honour inclusive sports.

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