Pelham Talking Alarm LCD Watch

My son struggles with telling the time, so I wanted to find a product that’s easy to use and has an audio prompt. The watch has a talking feature in an American female voice. The design comes in black and silver, with a black strap. This talking watch is oversized for function.

PECS: Phase 3 and Phase 4

In last week’s post: Picture Exchange Communication System, I shared my experiences of using PECS and from my understanding, explained Phase 1 and Phase 2. In this post, I will be explaining Phase 3 and Phase 4.

New Projects

I love content writing and am always inspired by my son’s real-life experiences. I’m continually thinking of ideas and new ways to help improve his life. There’s a lot of topics that I want to write about and am eager to express my opinions on. So, let me explain a little more...

Global Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week

Over time, I was in deep thought about what I wanted for my son and what kind of world I wanted him to live in. The conclusion was that I want my son to be able to be himself, and from that, I knew that it was necessary for me to raise awareness about his diagnosis. Allowing others to have a better understanding of his disorder.

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