About me

about me 

Hello Everyone! I’m Yvonne.

I am a mum to a wonderful son, who is autistic and has a rare chromosome disorder.

I am also a blogger on all thing’s autism:

·        Autism friendly places to visit

·        Education and resources

·        My personal experiences

·        Tips and Strategies that I have found useful

With my previous experience of being a 1:1 Learning Support Assistant infused with my creative ability to produce visual learning resources; I want to help create more opportunity for flexible learning and raise awareness of Autism/ASD.

My son has inspired me to blog so through my blogging, I want to inspire you.


If you have any questions that you wish to ask me, please feel free to complete the form on my Contact page


List of Training & Workshops:

  • Children on the Spectrum: Anxiety & Self Esteem Workshop – November 2018
  • EHCP Annual Review Training – November 2018
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Training: (Getting ready for PECS & Phase 1,2,3 and 4) – June 2018
  • CPD Certificate in Understanding Attachment – February 2018
  • ASD Workshop: Mindblindness/Positive Traits/Language & Communication/Preoccupations/Sensory Interests/Repetitive Behaviours and Social & Emotional Development) – May 2017
  • CPD Certificate in Safeguarding Children in Education – April 2017
  • CPD Certificate in A Whole Family Approach – April 2017
  • Occupational Therapy Workshop: Sensory Processing Strategies Programme – March 2017
  • CPD Certificate in Children’s & Young People’s Development in Health and Social Care Settings – March 2017
  • CPD Certificate in Communication in Health and Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings – March 2017
  • 1-2-3 Magic Behavioural Management Programme – March 2017
  • CPD Certificate in Early Child Development – February 2017
  • CPD Certificate in An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum – February 2017
  • CPD Certificate in Short Breaks for Disabled Children – February 2017
  • CPD Certificate in Working with Children with Disabilities – February 2017
  • Managing Anger Workshop – May 2016
  • Sensory Needs Workshop – April 2016