Rare Disease Day

Today, 28th February 2019 is Rare Disease Day, a day where people with rare diseases are celebrated as well as raising awareness and improving knowledge of rare diseases.

February Half-Term 2019

I always do a countdown for my son in the lead up to any school holiday because he has a poor perception of time, understanding of the seasons and days of the week. If it has no relevance to him, then he is not interested. This particular half-term has led to more confusion as although his half term holiday has already started, in other counties some children are off school next week.

Finding Love

The most practical way for me to find love was through online dating. I had no time to be out in the clubs or any other traditional way to find a partner. Personally, for me, I was upfront with mentioning that I have a son who is on the autism spectrum.

Anxiety and Me

Having a child who has a rare chromosome disorder and is on the autism spectrum, your life changes and you have new challenges to face. You have to learn to adapt to a new way of life and have a different perspective on your environment.

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